Saturday, 8 November 2014

Remember, remember....

This past Wednesday, as you may or may not know, was Bonfire Night!

Seeing as I only moved to Scotland last year - and lived in Greece before that - this was the second time I got to experience the great fireworks display that goes on in celebration of the day. In Glasgow, the "show" takes place at Glasgow Green, a huuuuuge park close to the city centre.

And my, oh my, were the fireworks lovely!

I do love a good firework display as much as any other person, but these events are on such a grander scale than our little New Year's fireworks back in Heraklion! They just seem to go on for ages. I am pretty sure there were constantly fireworks been fired for a solid 25 minutes!

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a nightmare getting there and back (I live in the West End of Glasgow and the Subway was absolutely packed!), but definitely worth it! I forgot to take my camera with me and only had my phone to take some photos, so they are not the best quality. I think I quite like the ones that are a little out of focus, though, so all is well!

So, just these few photos to get me back into the blogging mentality and I do hope this time I will stick to it. The reason I stopped was because things started to get far too hectic with my PhD and found myself completely swamped. Hopefully, that stage is now over. I feel it is and that I am getting everything into order.

See you soon!

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