Friday, 14 March 2014

Empties #1

It's time for my first empties post!! I must make a confession here and state that empties posts and videos are my favourite as I feel they are the most honest posts out there! Obviously the products that are being talked about in them have been used up completely and I think that's when someone is much more likely to tell you in all honesty whether they loved a product or hated it, whether it started off good but somewhere halfway through something changed or whether they would buy it again or go on to try something different.

So let's get started!

I bought this as part of a huge Avon order I placed around November last year. It lasted me for a good couple of months and I was probably using nearly every time I had a bath or shower! It probably isn't the best foot scrub you can find out there, but it definitely does the job, plus it smells lovely!
The link for this one is for the actual one I bought, but I can't seem to find the papaya one... Weird. Does anyone know if Avon stop selling products based on the time of the year or something??

This is actually the first micellar solution I've used. I saw it in Boots on offer and decided to try it out! I really liked the formula (even though a lot of people seem not to like it very much), but the main thing I found irritating about this was the packaging! The white top is probably the stupidest top ever concerning how to get the product out of the bottle. Though that's not a reason for me not to buy it again!

I bought this just before Christmas when I decided to try acrylic nails out. I was a bit of a neccessary purchase, as I didn't really like the amount of white that was visible from the acrylic nail (it took up half my nail) and I decided that painting my (now longer) nails was the way to go! It did a good enough job then, but when I tried using it on my own nails, I found that it took the nail polish off my nails just to stain the skin around my nails each and every time I used it. Definitely glad this one is finally finished!

I just loved the smell of this one! It was actually amazing as both a shower gel and a bubble bath and always made the bathroom smell divine! I am trying to finish off some of the other bath products I have lying around the flat, but this one is definitely one I would go for again!

I absolutely loved this toner! It was just as the name describes: soft and soothing. There is no alcohol in it and it just left my skin feeling all soft and lovely and I was always left with the feeling that it was replenishing any of the moisture that left my skin as a result of cleansing. Would definitely buy this one again!

This is one I brought over from Greece when I moved during last summer. I just loved the way it smelled, it was so, so luxurious! It also created some serious bubbles! Definitely one I would repurchase! Come to think of it, I would probably repurchase anything I have bought from this brand. They really are amazing! (And this shower gel definitely did not cost £4.79 in Greece......)

This one I am a bit so and so about. I didn't particularly like using it at the time, as I felt is was just a pretty basic eye makeup remover. However, after this one finished and I started using another one, I realised that it was actually quite good! So, in conclusion, it does the job and it's better at it than other ones I have used. I would buy it again, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

I got this one because I was curious about Lush's fresh face masks. It was quite good, if a little bit on the abrasive side. It did leave my skin feeling rather refreshed, though, so it gets a thumbs up from me! I did get a fair number of uses out of this tub, too! That being said, I am not sure I would buy a Lush face mask again too soon, as I like switching them up from one week to another and these ones have a use-by date... 

So, that concludes my first empties post! I thought about doing it in video format, as I think I write way too much on posts like this (same as with my two favourites posts). Do you think I should do it?

Have you used any of these products I've mentioned? What did you think of them? 

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