Monday, 10 March 2014

On Moisturising

There is one thing I have always been awful at... Moisturising... And I don't mean awful in the sense that I can't do it properly. Just that I can never be bothered to do it after I come out of the shower or bath.

To begin with, I had huge issues with moisturising in general. Hands, face, body, feet... You name it. Things slowly started to "shape up" (and yes, I am being sarcastic), when I started to get very bad eczema on my hands (which necessitated the use of hand creams), as well as when I went on a cystic acne treatment for 6 months (which completely dried out my skin and I had to use super duper moisturising creams just to cope with the tightness and the pain). Yeah... Nice days... I know...

Regardless of how I got into the habit of moisturising my hands and face, it is something I stuck to and I have seen a huge difference because of it. My eczema has cleared up (with only minor flares when it gets very cold) and my face has gone back to normal since the treatment ended. Using moisturising creams has essentially alleviated that "tight skin" feeling I always used to get whenever I washed my face or hands.

As for the rest of my body... Weeeell, that's a completely different matter!

It probably has to do with the fact that I don't get the "tight skin" feeling, but I just find it nearly impossible to make myself put on body lotion after coming out of the shower. The only thing I want to do after I'm dry is get into some comfortable clothes and get warm! However, I am trying to force myself to take a little longer after each shower and properly moisturise my skin. I have managed to do it for three showers in a row and I can already see a difference in how my skin feels! Much, much softer and, dare I say, more nourished!

Please let me know if you liked this post! It was something a little different and more chatty!  I don't want this blog to be completely inundated with reviews, but sometimes they are the easiest thing to write! 

What are your thoughts on moisturising? Are you the same as me??

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  1. I actually quite like the Body shop vitamin e cream it's super moisturising x


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